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Hannah (DOB 8/1/13) came from a recent breeder surrender.  She is a delightful little pixie of happy energy and weighs 37 pounds.  Despite being almost nine, she is full of wiggles and wags, and is quite agile.  She always has a happy little smile, despite extraction of four teeth during her recent dental.  She adores petting, snuggling, brushing and combing.  At some point in her history, she had most of one ear torn off and the other heavily frayed.  This only adds character to an extremely cute face, and does not affect hearing.  While she has never been trained, she is easy on the lead and is very responsive to a kind voice or treats.  She seems naturally fastidious, and never soils her cage in boarding, so housebreaking should consist of only establishing a routine of trips out and learning which door to go out.  Hannah is full of wags when she meets new people, and has done very well meeting new dogs and cats, curious and happy.  She has been very happy to meet children at the vet's office. We don't know if she has been exposed to very small children, so it is probably best she go to a home with children aged 8 or older.  Her temperament is very well balanced, and there has been no evidence of fear or aggression.  She will quickly adjust and bond to a family, and it appears will quickly learn housedog skills.  She is spayed, fully vaccinated, is heartworm negative, has been started on Simparica flea/tick preventive and just received a one-year ProHeart injection. The vets noted she is very healthy and sound (confirmed by her complete lab work), and should be a loyal, happy family member for years to come.   She is VERY willing to love and be loved, and has become a fast favorite with the staff at the vet office where she is boarded.  All she needs is a loving owner to spend the rest of her life with.  If you think that is you,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt




Bear is an adult, neutered male, born 3/16/2014, who was part of a recent breeder surrender.  He is a friendly older gent who has met several dogs and cats at his boarding facility, and seems to get along with them all, as well as with children.  While he has never been a house dog to our knowledge, his visits to the home of the local coordinator have shown that he is well behaved.  Though he will try and mark, he responds to correction and had no accidents in the home.  While he does have his own agenda, when he is ready he adores hugging, cuddling, petting, brushing and combing.  He found the home environment a great place to explore, but he was not ready for flights of steps.  Bear is fully vetted, has all vaccinations, has been given a Pro-Heart one-year heartworm preventative, has been started on flea/tick preventive, has had a dental, and is microchipped.  He also had a few small sebaceous cysts removed.  He would dearly love a family of his own for his remaining years, since he has missed so much in his life up to this point.  Do you think you might be able to give him love in his golden years?  If you think he might be your next best friend, please click here to fill out an application to adopt him.  He's looking forward to meeting you!


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