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Bunny (DOB 6/12/18) is a sweet girl filled with boundless energy.  Bunny has a very happy, loving personality.  She approaches people somewhat submissively, but after a few seconds, is all about petting and play.  She loves to get the zoomies with her people and playmates.  She is learning about bones and toys.  Bunny doesn't fully understand manners when meeting other dogs, since the instant she sees them, she is all over them wanting to play.  She has done well with males and females, but cats are not a good match, as she gets over-excited, wants to play rough, and really doesn't understand "kitty no."  She probably should go to a home with school-age children (6+) for these same reasons. She has not had any training, and is very busy but tractable on lead. She does lack socialization, and may be afraid of new things, but has been very adaptable in the local coordinator's home. Given her energy, a fenced yard to play and burn off energy is a MUST.  She is VERY loving and responsive, and should train quickly. She is largely housebroken if given frequent trips out, but is still working on not soiling her cage. She has not mastered flights of stairs.  She has been spayed, has had a dental, is fully up to date on vaccinations, and has been given a 1-year heartworm preventive injection.  All she needs is a loving owner to spend the rest of her life with.  If you think that is you,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt



Bear is an adult, neutered male, born 3/16/2014, who was part of a recent breeder surrender.  He is a friendly older gent who has met several dogs and cats at his boarding facility, and seems to get along with them all, as well as with children.  He spent his life in a cage, so is very needy for attention, and tends to jump up and hug his people, and get underfoot trying to make sure they don't leave him.  A fenced yard is a must for him, as he needs some space to roam.  He has been a house dog with our local coordinator and he is well behaved, he adores hugging, cuddling, petting, brushing and combing.  He is VERY interested in food, and may attempt to jump up on furniture, etc., to get it.  He is not fond of flights of stairs, but will do them with encouragement. 

During the winter ice storms, Bear slipped on a conrete slab and fractured his right front leg.  He has had a plate put in to connect some of the broken bone pieces and is still healing.  JNMRF is looking for a foster (forever foster if needed) who will work with us to get him fully healed. 

Bear is fully vetted, has all vaccinations, has been given a Pro-Heart one-year heartworm preventative, has been started on flea/tick preventive, has had a dental, and is microchipped.  He also had a few small sebaceous cysts removed.  He would dearly love a family of his own for his remaining years, since he has missed so much in his life up to this point.  Do you think you might be able to give him love in his golden years?  If you think he might be your next best friend, please
click here to fill out an application to adopt him.  He's looking forward to meeting you!





Chica (DOB 3/24/15) is one of the recent puppy mill surrender dogs.  She suffered from masticatory muscle myositis (MMM), an auto immune disease, which seriously damaged the muscles in her head and jaws.  The disease is not active and she should have a normal lifespan, but will need to be monitored for reoccurrence.  It is easier for her to eat softened food.  As a result of the disease, which was intensely painful, and her deprived life in a small cage, she is very shy and can be fearful.  She always leaves herself an escape route, even when approaching for petting, and may startle and run if unexpectedly touched or if she feels trapped.  This has been improving after a short time in a foster home.  After she develops comfort and trust in her new home, she readily approaches for petting (which she adores) and treats.  She loves small antlers and stuffies, and is very enthusiastic about meals, which she demands with her cute, yipping bark.  She is housebroken.  She signals by pacing near the door, and benefits from several trips out.  She readily cages, expecting a treat.  While it may be difficult to get the lead on her, she is compliant when on it, and rides well.  Picking her up causes near panic, but she is improving.  She has not learned long flights of stairs yet.  She has been very good with all dogs and cats she has met, and would really benefit from presence of other dogs, with proper introductions.  She likes the company, it lends her confidence, and she cues behavior from her companions.  She occasionally will also play, although she is just learning how, and frightens if it gets rough.  She would not do well in a home with small, noisy or very active children.  She needs a fenced yard.  She has a truly sweet, happy personality and desperately wants a home to grow to her full potential, and is just as cute as she can be!  Chica is fully up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, received a one-year ProHeart heart worm preventive, has had a dental, and will come with her cage and bed. She is a truly deserving sweetheart!  All she lacks is a home to call her own with a fenced yard to explore.  If you think it could be with you,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt



Dali (DOB 10/1/2013) is a sweet senior girl who had been bounced around four homes by eight months old with her brother. Due to her lack of socialization, major issues of behavior, and high anxiety levels, she was placed into the JNMRF Forever Foster program in July, 2014, where she had remained until a catastrophic change in situation there caused her to be placed in boarding in early March. She is not doing well in boarding, and urgently needs a foster or adoptive home.
Over the course of time, Dali became a loving house dog. She adores petting and will cuddle endlessly, pawing for more petting. She is house- and crate-trained, loves riding, fully housebroken, and can be left loose in the house for several hours if given a potty break beforehand, or can be crated. She does very well at the vet and for grooming, and adores having her coat blown out with a high-speed blower, leaping onto a grooming table. She occasionally likes to share her people’s bed, but is very considerate, and will get down if asked. She is decent on lead, knows basic commands (sit, down, shake, etc.), and when begging for treats, is quite polite. She gives joyous greetings to her people, spinning, play bowing, and sometimes standing up and leaning on the person for pets and loving, and will dole out occasional kisses. She needs a fenced yard where other dogs will not antagonize her or create anxiety. She is good with school-age children who know how to behave with dogs, seemed indifferent to cats when tested, but has several fear-related issues. She always has an anxious expression.
She is deathly afraid of storms, may startle with sudden loud sounds, and is anxious or fearful of wind beyond a very light breeze. Fireworks utterly terrify her. Her greatest shortcoming is she is very female dog-aggressive, and can be fear-aggressive with overly active male dogs or dogs with whom she has not been properly introduced. In her foster home, she benefitted from the company of several calm males, after proper, careful, slow introductions. She should be in a home with only a calm male or two, or an only dog.
Dali is up to date on all vaccinations, HW preventive, flea and tick protection, is spayed and microchipped. She has no known health conditions, and will take her cage and bed with her to her new home.
If Dali might be your next best friend, please
click here to fill out an application to adopt her.  She's looking forward to meeting you!



Nora (DOB 9/13/16) is a petite girl, 16” tall and weighs about 35 lbs.   Despite her small statue, she has a  huge love of life and a real sweet temperament.  She is crate trained, housebroken, and is learning basic commands.  She knows sit, down, touch, having been clicker trained for these commands.  She has accepted life inside with crowds of people of various ages, and her 2 elkhound hosts have given her confidence in dog language. 
cat at her foster home loves to play with the elkies but Nora has a fear of this strange being.  Walking next to the cat has gotten Nora bopped on her hindquarters so Nora gives the cat wide berth.   
She has overcome many fears due to her limited life experience as a puppymill breeder dog.  She shows true elkie intelligence, and she enjoys a chin scratch and conversation.  She is a fairly quiet girl, only occasionally barking to go outside.  Nora enjoys inside life and is unhappy if left alone outside for extended times.
She is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm treatment (the annual preventative shot), flea and tick meds.  Her coat is so soft, you want to run your hands over it, a true comfort to her and you.  If Nora might be your next best friend, please click here to fill out an application to adopt her.  She's looking forward to meeting you!



Nadia (DOB 10/28/17) came in to JNMRF on 7/30/2018 at 9 months old, and was placed in the Furever Foster program.  She had initially been purchased from an Iowa puppy mill, then returned, probably for the reasons below.  She was then sold to a person with the intent of breeding.  At some point prior to that, Nadia was severely physically abused, and had several poorly healed fractures. One result is her (always wagging) tail sticks up like a crooked little question mark.  This second owner became terminally ill, and largely left Nadia and a male companion out in a picket-fenced yard, neglected and subject to many stray dogs coming to try to attack her.

As a result of her submissive personality and life experience, she has several issues, none of which should diminish how wonderful she is.  Firstly, submission and excitement urination.  If caught just outside the door and interacted with, she will usually get it done outside, although she may have an excitement sprinkle when she dashes or runs into another dog.  She is mildly resource-protective for toys with other dogs, but not people.  She becomes extremely excited for food and whirls like a barking dervish in her cage, but should be cage-fed.  She will forage, and becomes excited over people food.  While she can get obnoxious about it, if told to sit, she will wait for what comes her way.  When she becomes extremely excited, she may drop a gift or two.  This is primarily over mealtime.  When caged for a long period of time, she sometimes can not hold it and leaves a trail. She may be somewhat frightened by new or loud situations, or very sudden movements.  She is a digger, and sometimes eats dirt.

Those issues should not define her.  She is a very happy personality, and her tail never stops wagging.  She absolutely craves attention, adores petting, and will leap right up to cuddle endlessly. She does paw a good deal for more petting, and gives kisses readily.  She loves toys and antlers, and will self-entertain after her excitement abates.  If not caged overnight, she will need a fast trip out in the morning.  If given the opportunity, she will sleep most of the night with her people, but may ask to be let out at a point.  When she is ready to rest, she curls up in her dog bed or on a sofa, bringing a toy with her.  She has gotten along with most dogs with careful, slow introductions.  Should they push her, she does not react well, and if they show any form of aggression, she will bear a long grudge and not get along thereafter.  She does like to play and chase, but isn’t as fond of wrestling. She loves tug of war games with people or dogs.  She has been okay with cats in the past, although she will need careful introduction.  She is good with older, calmer children, but would not do well in a very noisy, active environment with younger children.  She is good on lead and rides well.  She knows sit and shake, but because of her history she does not like down.  While she has her issues, she is a fantastically loving, loyal dog, full of life and happiness.

Nadia has no known health issues. She is fully up to date on vaccinations, heart worm and flea and tick preventive, is microchipped and has had a dental.  She will come with her cage, crate pad, and bed.  If you can offer her the calm and loving home she deserves, she could be your next best friend.   Please click here
to fill out an application to adopt her.  She's looking forward to meeting you!

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