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Bunny (DOB 6/12/18) is a sweet girl filled with boundless energy.  Bunny has a very happy, loving personality.  She approaches people somewhat submissively, but after a few seconds, is all about petting and play.  She loves to get the zoomies with her people and playmates.  She is learning about bones and toys.  Bunny doesn't fully understand manners when meeting other dogs, since the instant she sees them, she is all over them wanting to play.  She has done well with males and females, but cats are not a good match, as she gets over-excited, wants to play rough, and really doesn't understand "kitty no."  She probably should go to a home with school-age children (6+) for these same reasons. She has not had any training, and is very busy but tractable on lead. She does lack socialization, and may be afraid of new things, but has been very adaptable in the local coordinator's home. Given her energy, a fenced yard to play and burn off energy is a MUST.  She is VERY loving and responsive, and should train quickly. She is largely housebroken if given frequent trips out, but is still working on not soiling her cage. She has not mastered flights of stairs.  She has been spayed, has had a dental, is fully up to date on vaccinations, and has been given a 1-year heartworm preventive injection.  All she needs is a loving owner to spend the rest of her life with.  If you think that is you,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt



Bear is an adult, neutered male, born 3/16/2014, who was part of a recent breeder surrender.  He is a friendly older gent who has met several dogs and cats at his boarding facility, and seems to get along with them all, as well as with children.  He spent his life in a cage, so is very needy for attention, and tends to jump up and hug his people, and get underfoot trying to make sure they don't leave him.  A fenced yard is a must for him, as he needs some space to roam. He has been a house dog with our local coordinator and he is well behaved, he adores hugging, cuddling, petting, brushing and combing.  He is VERY interested in food, and may attempt to jump up on furniture, etc., to get it.  He is not fond of flights of stairs, but will do them with encouragement.  Bear is fully vetted, has all vaccinations, has been given a Pro-Heart one-year heartworm preventative, has been started on flea/tick preventive, has had a dental, and is microchipped.  He also had a few small sebaceous cysts removed.  He would dearly love a family of his own for his remaining years, since he has missed so much in his life up to this point.  Do you think you might be able to give him love in his golden years?  If you think he might be your next best friend, please click here to fill out an application to adopt him.  He's looking forward to meeting you!




Bentley - ADOPTED


Bentley (DOB 5/25/14) is a kindly soul in search of a loving home.  Bentley was part of the recent "breeder surrender," and has not had much of a life, little or no attention, and no training.  Despite this, he is incredibly loving, and wants to stay close to his humans.  He adores petting, and will gently paw for more.  He is a bit submissive in his approach to humans, but the instant the petting starts, he turns his face to you and gazes with a happy, gentle expression.  He reportedly got along with all dogs in a play group where boarded in Illinois, but some cage reactivity to other males has been noted.  Until he is fully evaluated for behavior with males, he should probably go to a home as an only dog or with females.  He gave cats a heavy, interested sniffing, but showed no further interest after he discovered what they were.  He also can be quite playful, and thunders around the play yard with Freyja and Bunny where he is currently boarded, although Bunny's high level of excitement and lack of boundaries has caused him to scold her, in perfectly appropriate fashion.  He has shown a great deal of interest in toys, and is learning to play with them.  While he has had no training, he is quite clean in his cage, and quickly takes care of his business outdoors as soon as he is let out.  He is not accustomed to a lead, so will need work in this area.  He is VERY responsive, and should train easily.  He is friendly to everyone he meets, and seems to have a very fundamentally happy personality in spite of his previous life.  He is quite healthy and has had a dental, all vaccinations, been neutered, is on flea and tick preventive, and just received a one-year heartworm preventive shot.  All he lacks is a home to call his own with a fenced yard to explore.  If you think it could be with  you,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt



  Freyja - ADOPTED

Freyja (DOB 8/19/15) is a wonderful girl who was also part of the intake from a surrendering "breeder."  She had no life, no training, and no attention.  She gives clear evidence of having had several litters, and is presently quite obese, although this is being addressed through a properly controlled diet.  She presently weighs 65lbs, and could easily stand to lose another 25 lbs.  As is typical of these dogs, she is lighter framed in stature.  She has a very happy, friendly personality, and loves petting without being overly clingy.  She loves to explore, and is very attentive to both her people and environment.  She does not show the skittishness around people several of the other females have.  She loves to play in true Elkhound fashion with Bentley, and is generally good about keeping her cage clean.  She is quite friendly all dogs she meets, but there have been reported incidents of squabbles with other females, so until she is fully evaluated, she needs to go to a home with male dogs or as an only dog.  She showed no interest in cats, beyond a good sniffing.  Because of her background, she has had no leash training, and is a freight train on lead, due to her excitement at getting to see new people and things.  She seems naturally clean in nature, and takes care of her business outdoors, although she may need minimal assistance in becoming fully housebroken.  All of these dogs have attached very quickly to their favored people and are quite attentive, so she should train very easily.  She is quite healthy and has had a dental, all vaccinations, been spayed, is on flea and tick preventive, and just received a one-year heartworm preventive shot.  All she lacks is a home to call her own with a fenced yard to explore, and has shown a great deal of joy chasing a ball or other toys.  Do you think you might be able to give her love in her golden years?  If Freyja might be your next best friend, please click here to fill out an application to adopt her.  She's looking forward to meeting you!



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