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Zephyr is a 4 year old spayed female who is in need of an only dog home where she can relax and be loved.  She is petite at 35 lbs, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative and on preventatives.  She has good house manners and is housebroken and crate trained.  She is a very happy dog and LOVES people, going for walks, getting belly rubs, snuggling, and playing with her toys.  Zephyr likes to be talked to and be part of your life.   She has some resource guarding tendencies which her current foster home is helping her overcome.  Due to upcoming construction in the foster home, she needs to find a new situation.

She has come from a difficult situation. On March 5, Zephyr was turned in to a Michigan shelter by her "breeder" because they reported that she had up to 3 seizures a day.  She also appears to have had several litters.  In the shelter, she had no seizures.  She arrived with an active flea infestation but tested negative for tick-borne diseases.  She was treated for fleas and de-wormed.  After 3 weeks at the shelter, she was spayed and received her vaccines and was then transferred to rescue.  In our custody, she has experienced one small seizure on May 13 and a second on May 19.  We are looking for a stay at home adopter or forever foster who is capable of handling her health needs .

Zephyr is scared by thunderstorms, learning to tolerate the vacuum, and can be nervous/skittish around new things but generally recovers quickly.  She is learning new things are not really a problem.  She loves being with people yet she can entertain herself with toys and naps if people aren't available.  In the evening she likes to play a bit, then go for a walk around the neighborhood.  Zephyr is always excited to go for walks, and is learning to walk on a loose leash. She is a barker but not excessively, mostly barking at things like a person coming to the home, or when she’s playing with you and is super excited.

Zephyr deserves the love of a person who is patient, understanding, and capable of managing her health issues. If you feel you can give Zephyr the home of her dreams,
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