Prince is a 10 year old neutered male who is in need of an only dog home where he can relax and be loved in his senior years.  He is up to date with vaccines, heartworm negative and on preventative, and is housetrained.  He loves people, especially if they understand that he is a bit arthritic and prefers gentle petting instead of rough play.  His hind end is still sensitive but he loves head petting and will do the characteristic head shove to get it.  He has been on carprofen (Rimadyl) and is much better since he has started losing weight.

Prince's previous owners had him about 1 year and his history is unknown prior to that adoption. Unfortunately, she was not in any position to care for a dog, so she was eventually urged by Prince's vet to be surrendered once again to a rescue group.   He was grossly overweight and has been on a weight-loss program which is helping him move better and feel better.  He is scheduled for a full dental and removal of an eyelid tumor prior to moving to another foster or to (hopefully) his forever home.  Because the constantly changing stories we were given, we only know that he is fear-reactive with other dogs. (When asked specifically about that, the former owner said that it was probably because he had been attacked "recently" by another dog.)  He seems to want to like other dogs as long as they do not appear threatening but if they sniff his hind end, he is reactive.  He will bark and pull strongly on leash if confronted by another dog.  He will lie quietly next to other dogs, especially females, if separated by a gate.

He has been losing weight, especially after he was put on his Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets OM (Overweight Management).  He went from barely able to walk to running after squirrels and bunnies (and probably cats).  When he arrived, he didn't seem to know how to play with toys.  He has become a wonderful companion who now enjoys playing with toys, being with his person, and going for rides in the car.  He needed help getting in to the car before he started losing weight and can now get in without help (but be prepared to listen to him bark in joy for awhile).  He has learned sit, give paw/shake and lay down. He sits before he is given his food. He has been good with the vet and allowed them to do an exam and trim nails without a muzzle. (Previous owner said he needed to be muzzled at the vet.)

He is scared by storms, hissing sounds, or loud noises like distant gunfire or garbage cans crashing. He is still scared of uncarpeted floors, but very slowly starting to realize he can walk on hard floors. A home of completely hard flooring would be hard on him but he has accommodated to runners over tiled floors.  He has come a long way with showing less fear and more confidence.

Because his foster has 4 other dogs and will be moving to a situation where he will not be able to keep the dogs separated, Prince needs to find his forever home soon.  His foster has nicknamed him "Goose" because he's silly and likes to make nests in the grasses by the pond on his current property.  Prince/Goose is a delightful dog for a responsible, mature owner and will be a a great guard/alert dog, as he barks when people or cars approach the house.

If you have the love and understanding to give Prince the home of his dreams, please click here and fill out the application to adopt him.  JNMRF will consider supporting him as a forever foster due to his age and prior history.  He deserves a wonderful life.











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