Stanley is a 2.5 yr old neutered male who is looking for a permanent home with someone who can give him plenty to keep him busy.  He is very active and quick to learn, loves playing with other dogs, loves car rides, is good with children, but will chase cats.   A home with other dogs and no cats would be ideal.   His original owner was allergic to him but able to control that with appropriate cleaning measures.   When their son was born, his allergy was even worse and they sadly had to seek a new home for him.   In his foster home, he is not good with the cats and needs to find a place where he can play with dogs but no cats.   Stanley is housebroken and not destructive.   He loves brain puzzles and interactive treat toys. He would probably love to try agility!   He needs a fenced yard, playful companions, and lots to do.   When he plays with people, he gets excited and can accidently nip so older children would be preferred, although he did learn to slow down for the toddler in his original home.   Also, he is quite vocal.   Stanley is afraid of thunder and fireworks but gets help from his Thundershirt and a calming agent.   He really is a wonderful dog who hasn't found the right home yet.   If that might be you, please click here to fill out an application to adopt and mention his name.


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Phoenix the Wonderpuppy - ON HOLD

Phoenix is adjusting to his new foster home and may not be available.  He has bonded strongly with them so we will be reassessing his situation.


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